Covers and awnings for boats
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Covers and awnings for boats

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Covers and awnings for boats

Bimini awnings on boats and speedboats are used for sun protection and light rain. Therefore, because the boat and speedboat are on the water, the materials used to make the bimini awnings must be of exceptional quality and special purpose. Awnings are constantly influenced by UV rays, wind, water, and salt water at the sea. All this shows it enough that the highest quality materials used by renowned manufacturers must be used in the production of bimini awnings. Also all the other supporting repro material... made of sewing machine thread, fasteners, zippers and even transparent PVC Crystal foil.

We use the highest quality materials, designed to last a long time and adequately store your boat.

When it comes to safety covers for boats, they serve to cover the entire sail during off-season periods while on shore or moored offshore. Serves to protect the boat from winter conditions, snow and rain. In most cases, protective covers are made of special PVC tarpaulin for this purpose, which is much lighter and more flexible. A rubber or rope is sewn along the edges of the cover to attach the cover to the edges of the boat.

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